Natures Best

Interveg owes it's success to local farmers.

Interveg owes it’s success to locally contracted farmers. The minimum acreage per farmer being 15 acres. Interveg provides support by providing certified seeds, training on GAP through our qualified technical assistants backed up by company’s’ agronomists and financial assistance to help manage their production. Interveg applies modern, environmentally friendly farming technologies that provide for sustainable agriculture.

We export only the best quality products that are safe, hygienic and fresh to the Core.

Natures Best


Interveg has a fleet of trucks for the safe transport ofthe produce from the farms.

Freshness is our top priority. After harvesting, the produce is transported to our packhouse where they are cooled down using a modern blast chiller where fresh produce temperature can be quickly reduced to keep the cold chain effective.

Our Capacity

We handle more than 50 Tonnes of fresh produce per week

Natures Best

Water Resource Management

We are aware of the challenges associated with the global climate change. To continue producing quality products throughout the year, we have found it necessary to address the planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources.

Controlled irrigation is inevitable to compensate for the growing risk of the increasing drought. We undertake to train our farmers to take on irrigation methods that have best results in terms of water management like drip irrigation.